Week-end in Huaraz, Peru

During his 6-months expatriation in Peru, Rémi Schockmel shared for a week-end his life with of a local family. A few hours that will remained forever engraved.

Having lived on the Peruvian land during six months, I had the chance to discover an absolutely stunning cultural wealth: its humanity. Robert, whom I met on the cliffs separating Lima from the Pacific, is the perfect illustration of this humanity.

That is how for a weekend, a simple weekend, I landed right between the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra in the town of Huaraz (3100m of altitude). With a French perspective, this town would be some kind of Andean Chamonix, without skiing, without the restlessness of the western world. A city with deeply rooted traditions that lives at its own pace, far for the swarming atmosphere of the capital.

Robert, Huaracino by birth, brought me there so that I would discover his region where his parents are still living. That is how, for three days, I was immersed in their beautiful family, received as if I was one of them by Glicerio and Juana. The former is a messenger and travels from one village to another on his motorcycle, while the latter sells gums and snacks on the main square.

Sharing the daily life of this humble family, that shares so much but has so little, was one of my most memorable experiences.

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