The Snap-T story by Patagonia

To celebrate the launch of some brand new pieces, Patagonia comes back to what has made its fleece so emblematic.



Birth of technical fleece insulation: The Age of Wet Wool ends.

Determined to find a fabric as warm as wool but lighter in weight and quicker to dry, we start working with Malden Mills, now Polartec, and develop Synchilla® polyester fleece. We fashion our first Synchilla® Snap T-Neck styles and head into the mountains.




Reign of T-Neck and Snap-T: We are fruitful.

Fleece flourishes and multiplies during the reign of T-Neck and Snap-T. We create the Diamond Quilt Pullover Snap-T®, the Synchilla® Tri-Color T-Neck and the reversible Glissade.





The Pocket Epoch: Hold on.

The Snap-T gets a pocket with a snapped flap. To celebrate, we do cartwheels and nothing falls out of our Snap-T chest pocket. We couldn’t know it then, but we had created an iconic design.





Age of Lightweight Fleece and Prints: We hog the fun.

The Age of Lightweight Fleece and Prints is characterized by exuberant Snap-T® styles incorporating exciting prints and lightweight fleece. We don colorful fleece and climb for fun.





Recycled Era Begins: Our fleece has a past.

We are the first outdoor company to make products from used plastic bottles. Henceforth, solid and heathered Snap-T® styles are made from recycled polyester, and the Earth takes a sigh of relief. Work continues on making printed fleece from recycled polyester.




2007 – 2012

Age of Innovation: We head to the Tin Shed.

We reimagine the very soul of the Snap-T. Creativity reigns. The Re-Tool is born, featuring Snap-T styling plus marsupial-style pouch pockets. To make Snap-T styles even more multifunctional and versatile, we create reversible and hooded Snap-T® styles.





Era of Reflection: As seen in the rearview mirror.

For Patagonia’s 40th anniversary, we reprise the Diamond Quilt Snap-T® Pullover as part of our Legacy Collection. While true to the original spirit of design, it’s updated with environmentally sensitive materials such as organic cotton fabric and polyester (51% recycled) insulation.




2014 – today

Experimentation Reigns: More to love

Our designers experiment with never-before-seen-on-a-Snap-T fabrics including recycled wool, down and recycled cotton to create more to love: Undyed Cashmere Snap-T® Pullover, Mixed Snap-T® Pullover, Down Snap-T® Pullover, Cotton Quilt Snap-T® Pullover and Reclaimed Wool Snap-T® Pullover.


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