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Ana Laframboise and Daniel Klinckwort, a couple of independant photographers from Mexico, talk about 3 photos of the "hide and seek" series.

f you ever get your hand on our second paper volume, known as The Hidden Issue, you’ve already met Dylanne Lee. Behind that name are hiding Ana Laframboise and Daniel Klinckwort, a couple of independent photographers born and raised in Mexico that specialized in the documentary and the travel photography.

Just like numerous other couples, Ana and Dan first met at University. But their lack of interest for the communication studies they were following rapidly brought them to fly away to London. After three years of work, during which they experiment the conceptual photography, they finally decide to rally their native country to open there their own studio (PA | 01), dedicated to local missions.

All that aside, they can’t stop travelling around the five continents to enrich their knowledge of each and every culture they happen to encounter. They’re regularly offering their services to medias from all over the world, such as Freunde von Freunden, Kinfolk or Off The Afternoon. From time to time, they also benefit from the emulation of Mexico to showcase their work, at the Proyecto Arrebato or the Galeria L among others. They recently started a new project, closer this time to social photography, that should be released shortly.

Dylanne Lee in 3 photos

These photos are extracted from the « hide and seek » series, originally published in Les Others Magazine Volume II : The Morning Issue and now available on our shop. Certified and signed by the authors, these are printed on quality art paper, limited to 10 pieces. Worldwide shipping.

Dylanne Lee : “In general these images were created while leaning towards the mysterious and the hidden. The idea was to create scenes that reflected beauty and normality but where also somehow strange, moving and open to interpretation, almost like dreams. Through the titles the viewer can, by applying his or her own experience, find meaning and reflect on what is happening in the image.”



True Nature
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