Time To Wander, France

Fabien Voileau finds no better way to enjoy life than 4 friends and their surfboards stacked in an old Volvo break.

More than anything, it is a story about friends. About sharing, also, reduced to its most simple conception. An old Volvo break, a few surfboards, a tent, a loyal stove and a furious desire for unplugging to bind the whole.

The departure. 40 liters of petrol for our antic journey, a few biers and one hour of sleep for all of us, happy to leave the busy streets of the city center of Nantes for the mother nature, Finistère. Deep immersion in our favorite peace of heaven.

It’s early morning, we are finally on the spot. At the reception, a good meter runs, left, right, glacy, transparent water and clear sky. These conditions appearing to be perfect will be of good company during the four upcoming days. Smells of neoprene, wax and zinc that assault our faces are moving us immediately. Great spaces, passion, friends, living the moment. It was definitely time to meet again !

We backpack through tortured streams and walk in the middle of preserved nature. From time to time, we improvise little naps, concluding these free-from-3G daytimes. Complicit gazes, giggles, long silences. We are truly happy.

This moment, ephemeral, virulently pushes away our such absorbing and loaded daily routines. From now on, the tide tables, the announced swell, the wind direction and the upcoming lunch are our only obsessions. We are letting us go, dominated by time, and by elements. The most addictive certainly being the oblivion that settles, this strange feeling you have when you think of nothing. Our doubts, our fears and our injuries are all escaping.

We are savoring each and every minute. Why is this simple way of living things propelling us above all the rest ? Is this the key to happiness ? To true fulfillment ? Are the most ephemeral moments necessary the strongest ones ? We believe all of this. Living the present time, true and only valuable teaching. And, to keep testimonies out of it, an old photo camera will capture souvenirs, which, once caught, will already belong to the past.

Fabien Voileau

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