Windows on the market, Mexico

From Los Angeles to Oaxaca, or the amazing story of an adventurer who felt in love with Mexico.

It was my first time to Mexico and to be honest i was a bit nervous. I had heard so many amazing things about the place and seen so many photos that I ended up growing this big picture in my head of some kind of old western film. I felt as if I was on a plane to meet an idol I had since childhood. I was excited.

My friends who I originally went over with had all split of into different directions, 1 to Guatemala, 1 to Peru and 1 back to Mexico city. We had done one month down the west coast starting from Acapulco and ending in Oaxaca city. Drinking micheladas and mezcal nights on end and stuffing ourselves with fresh fish, glued to the ocean like kids.

1 week later I found myself in san Cristobel De Las Casas looking like I had just walked through the Chihuanuan desert. Coming from Oaxaca city I travelled bye three 2nd class buses, 2 collectivos, 1 motorbike ride, 2 hitchhiking adventures and a lot of walking. No direcetion but east, I had a lot of time on my side so I decided to find myself a room and stay put for a while. I liked the look of san Cristobel, the buildings no bigger than 2 stories high and tiny labyrinth streets, a colognial city that sprawled up and around a valley high in the sierra, alone and sleepy. I smacked 900 pesos down for a dusty colorful room for 2 weeks. I had a little window that looked right onto the street near the markets where I would do my shopping and go to my local cafe. It felt like ages since I had been sitting on the plane from L.A feeling intimidated, Mexico had taken me in and treated me well, I was happy and felt a love for the people and land.

Marley Marco Pasinetti

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