The magic of Annapurna, Nepal

For Nicola Odemann, there is no doubt: those 5 weeks of walk along the mountain chain of Annapurna stand as the happiest days of his life !

There is something special about Nepal and it is hard to find the right words to explain it. It’s hard to describe the impact of a journey that took only five weeks but which will last forever.

The five weeks we stayed there were spent hiking around the Annapurna massive. Starting at a height of 800 meters only we had to climb our way up to the heighest point which was 5400 meters high. In the beginning we hiked through a lush vegetation and crossed rivers on dangerous looking suspension bridges. The more we hiked, the more the nature started to change and we were as excited as little children before christmas eve when we finally laid eyes on the first snowy mountain peaks. Never had I experienced more magic in nature than when we slept in Timang and watched the sun setting whilst turning the summit of the Manaslu (8163 meters) into red flames. It was so surreal just to sit there and think about where we were, which was in the middle of the himalayas where there are no roads but only paths through the wilderness.

We continued hiking as the air got thinner and walking and breathing became more difficult. It was crazy to look up to the glaciers that accompanied our way and to think of the mountaineers who go even higher and whose life is determined by the calling of those very summits. When we finally crossed the Thorung-La pass (5416 meters) and walked for hours in an untouched snowlandscape, I was both fascinated and scared of this remote wilderness beauty in the middle of nowhere. On the other side of the pass nature surprised us again and introduced us to a desert landscape which marks the beginning of Mustang, the kingdom which was for a long time forbidden for strangers to enter.

When we finished our journey, my rucksack was filled with rolls of film and my heart was filled with emotions and experiences that are still present today. When I left this beautiful country it was like I left a part of me there. A part of me I never thought I had but a part that I long for to get back. I long for Nepal. The magic of the people and the mountains and the inner transition it evokes. It is hard to describe how exactly it changes you but it most certainly does and the weeks there were the best weeks of my life.

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